Grace Christian Fellowship Church

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Grace Church Appreciates Your Faithfulness in Giving

Simply click the "Give" link and you will be able to securely enter your credit, debit, or bank information to give your regular giving or an offering to Grace Church.  The default is set to be a one-time gift amount, however you have the option to make it an automatic regular recurring amount on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis.  You will also have the option to select "Cover Fees" if you would like to cover the church's cost for using this online giving option.  If you select "Cover Fees", the additional amount is automatically calculated and added to your total amount and that additional amount is directly displayed for you to see.  There is also an option to add an app to your phone so that you can give to Grace when you are unable to be at your computer and away from the church.

The fees for using this service are as follows; Bank is 1% plus .30, Credit Card is 2.9% plus .30, AMEX 3.5% plus .30.  

If you have any questions about this method of giving please feel free to contact the church office.